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Flashify apk download

There are times when your smartphone is not capable of doing some specific functions, and it’s because your Operating System is outdated. Also, for completing true recovery or custom recovery, your Operating System is not good enough. Then, you might want to flash a custom ROM or custom recovery for your Android device. Flashify app made for that. Developed by Christian Gollner, Flashify APK provides a step by step guide to flash in your Android device be it running on any version or made by any manufacturer.

Flashify can be used to install a custom recovery, boot IMG, flash zip files, flash kernels, etc. It is easy to use and made for any regular user, and not entirely dedicated to advanced users. You can use flashify and still be safe by keeping a backup in cloud storage or local storage, all thanks to flashify’s Automatic synchronizing property!

Features of Flashify application

  1. Flashify is both easy to use and effective. You need not go to recovery to use it.
  2. Flashify comes with an Advanced Cache clearing feature. It can be accessed by using Flash Zip option and can help in clearing cache, data or any other Dalvik cache while using TWRP recovery.
  3. You can flash boot.img or recovery.img without requesting any recovery navigation.
  4.  Flashify can flash some custom built kernels like Philz, Franco, TWRP, CWM, Gapps, etc.
  5.  Its premium version can even allow flashing Nexus kernels and recovery.
  6.  Flashify also has Automatic Lick patch rolls.
  7.  The best feature of Flashify is that it can find the best recovery option according to your smartphone’s model and OS version.
  8.  You can use both SD Card or a cloud storage service (like Dropbox, Google drive, etc.) for restoration and Kernel backups.
  9.  Flashify also allows cloud synchronization between your smartphone and your desktop. It provides for secure backup.
  10.  You can track all recent flashed items.
  11.  Flashify can flash multiple kernel files and recover each, and you can also make a flash queue.
  12.  It can be used to flash from any app be it an email app or any specific file explorer app. Flashify firmware supports all.

How to use Flashify APK?

For this, you must have the right Flashify APK file, as there are multiple copies and options on the Google play store. Before downloading the app, check if it is for “no root users” or “Rooted device.” Remember, Flashify requires rooting your device.

Follow these steps to use Flashify APK.

1. Download the latest updated version of TWRP file on your Android device.
2. Find the best suited Flashify APK version for your device and OS and download it.
3. After downloading, open your file explorer and find the APK file.
4. Click on the file to install it.
5. Flashify app will ask for “root permission.” Give it.
6. Now, it’s better to install a cloud storage app like Dropbox or Google Drive, for a cloud-based backup. You can also use an SD Card.
7. On flashify, click on “Backup current recovery,” to take a complete backup of your device.
8. Now, select the recovery image option, and then you can recover that image file.
9. You can also choose a specific custom ROM kernel or a Zip file to flash in your device.
10. After this, you will be asked to accept the disclaimer. Accept it to confirm the flashing process.
11. After some time, when the flash completes, reboot your device.
12. Congratulations, you have succeeded in flashing.

flashify root users steps

Requirements of Flashify application

For accessing Flashify APK easily, your device must fulfill the following requirements. These are:

  1. The Android version on your device must be at least 4.0.2 KitKat or above.
  2.  You must root your Android device; else Flashify won’t work.
  3. Flashify will require at least 1 GB of ROM.
  4.  Also, you will need 15 MB of disc space.

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