Androdumpper, as the name reads is an Android application available in the Google Play Store for official download. The app is designed in such a way that it only runs on Android platform. The Androdumpper app had many interesting features to boast upon. The main purpose of the app is to hack the WiFi network. You can easily fetch the passwords of WiFi networks around you without letting the owner of the network know about it. The app works really in sync with the Android mobile devices, but in order to attain picture perfect outcome you are required to root your device first. Due to the increasing demand of the Androdumpper app, most of the app users are searching for it’s PC version, which right now is unavailable. Today we are here to discuss with you about the Androdumpper app for PC/Windows. PokeVision APK and androdumpper also need wifi .

Androdumpper APK

The Androdumpper app has become quite popular recently due to the wide range of unique features it offers. The app however is not available officially for PC/Windows platforms. Still many PC users are in hunt for the Windows version of the app. So we have come up with a simple way that will help you install the app on your PC directly. Yes! You read it right. You can actually make the Androdumpper app run on Windows platform, but in order to make the app work you will need to use a third party emulator. As you all know there are multiple emulators available online that can provide a Windows platform for the app for a smooth run. The prime purpose of the emulator is to run the APK file of the app on Windows platform. The best emulator one can use is undoubtedly BlueStacks. BlueStacks helps you run the Androdumpper app on PC/Windows. Other than BlueStacks, you can also use NOX App Player to get the work done. Amazon Fire Stick also need wifi so hack wifi and enojy it

Androdumpper app download for Windows

The Androdumpper APK can be used on Windows PC with the help of emulator. The emulator to be used should be downloaded from the respective official website. Once the emulator gets downloaded install it into your PC. Now you only got BlueStacks emulator onto your PC and you will further need to install Androdumpper app. The app is required to have WiFi networks. The Androdumpper app can be downloaded officially from the Google Play Store. But you need an app file to install into Windows PC, which is done by none other than the emulator we have previously installed. We have provided below simple steps on how to download and install Androdumpper app Windows. Flashify APK also wanted internet and you can crack down enjoy it

Install Androdumpper App on your PC/Windows

  1. To start the Androdumpper app download process directly open the official link of Google Play Store and type Androdumpper in the search menu.
  2. You will see a list of apps with almost similar name. Go to this Official link “” Androdumpper APK “” from the list and click on download.
  3. Once the app gets downloaded it automatically gets installed as well.
  4. Once the installation completes you need to download BusyBox.
  5. Once downloaded install BusyBox and then run Androdumpper for PC on your BlueStack.
  6. Now enable the Unknown Sources in your Android device.
  7. Download the Androdumpper app using your browser.
  8. Once downloaded install the APK onto your system which will be automatically detected by the emulator.
  9. Open the emulator and run the Androdumpper app through it.That’s it! You can start using the
  10. Androdumpper app on your PC. You can start hacking WiFi networks from now on. It will automatically detect the surrounding WiFi networks.

The hacking of surrounding WiFi networks is quite easy. You can hack the network you would like and if suppose the hacking fails for a particular network you can opt for another one. Sometimes you may not be able to download Androdumpper app from Google play store. At such times you need to download it from a third party website.